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Engineered Automotive is built around a group of individuals whose contributions make our business and your experience at EA a successful one. Our diverse team of employees fuse their unique skill sets with an unbridled passion for what they do. Take a few moments and get acquainted with your EA Team. We are here to serve you and make your automotive experience second to none.



Maureen Smilovsky has many roles at Engineered Automotive, but her primary focus is the management of our Accounting Department. She is also responsible for all of the stunning treats available at our EA Days track events.

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As Engineered Automotive’s founding partner, Billy Smilovsky’s combined vision and direction has guided EA for over twenty years. From an early age, Billy was exposed to engines and mechanics of all types. At the age of fourteen, he started a career in small engines and it was at that point that he recognized his calling in life. Upon completion of 0high school, Billy immediately pursued and acquired a mechanics license. He worked at numerous facilities absorbing an education that fed his inquisitive nature and passion for automotive technology. Billy was also active in the racing scene, having worked as crew and crew chief for professional race teams in different racing series. Billy had a long-standing career with Porsche Motorsport Canada and in addition, acted as crew chief for his own family race team in go-kart competition. A successful racer, he has competed professionally in the Rothman’s Turbo Cup Series. Billy’s cause and effect personality means that whatever he attempts in life, he will complete. A start-to-finish type of individual who tackles all projects with perfection.

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Service Manager Dave Tomassetti has been and integral part of the Engineered Automotive Team for more than three years. Dave brings his extensive service experience to EA, having run his own successful service, performance and racing business. With a serious interest in motorsport, he has been a part of the racing community for over twenty years. Having built and raced various BMW racecars, Dave’s passion for the track helped establish his talent for tuning, fabrication and technical expertise. His enthusiasm for the business has guided him to deliver exceptional results far exceeding EA’s customer’s expectations. Outside of the office, Dave is a devoted husband and father who enjoys spending time with family and friends and supporting his son’s hockey ambitions.

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Barry is no stranger to Engineered Automotive, having a profound history with founding partner Billy Smilovsky. Barry brings decades of experience to Engineered Automotive and has spent much time at the track preparing and running racecars. His passion and wealth of knowledge for performance and track cars makes him a tremendous asset to the EA Service team.


Matt heads up our Parts department

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Nelson started his automotive career early on. Certified since 1997 from Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, Nelson focused on performance tuning and racing for the GM brand of vehicles for the majority of his career. Since joining EA in 2008, Nelson has expanded his breath of knowledge to the European market. This new world has led Nelson to change his love of machines. He is not only a tech, but he’s also a racing enthusiast. With years of Solo I and II sprint series under his belt, Nelson has a strong ability to understand what the customer is looking for out of their vehicles. 


Engineered Automotive is pleased to announce that Michael Hegedus has joined the EA service department. Michael is currently studying in his third year at Centennial College. Michael has always had a keen interest in cars growing up and worked through his high school years at another automotive facility. Working on a variety of high-end cars is the most enjoyable aspect of the job, taking every opportunity to learn new aspects of the job. Michael’s favourite automotive brand is Subaru because they are fun to drive, easy to work on and affordable. Outside of work at EA, Michael enjoys working out, camping, fishing and snowboarding and has a keen interest in motorcycles. Michael’s favourite car of all time is the new Nissan GTR.

David chang//

David is our in house detailer.  He graduated from the Autobody Technician repair course at Centennial College and has been with EA for over 2 years now. His attention to detail far surpasses your average detailer. David enjoys his car audio and attending car audio competitions. He is all about customer satisfaction and wont rest until your car is spotless!


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 Jason Langlois is a licenced automotive technician, who graduated from Centennial College completing the Ford Asset program in the mid 90's. He is a second generation technician with direct family ties to engineering, manufacturing and fabrication. Jason was also factory trained by Ford and Toyota and held a senior technician status with both manufacturers. His focus has been on European vehicles for over 15 years and for the last 3 years prior to joining the EA team, he speciaized in early to late model Ferrari's. Jason's passion for cars started when his father purchased an early 70's Porsche 914. Since then, cars have been his passion in life. Jason and his wife have recently welcomed the next Generation mechanic to their family and is extited to be able to share his passion for cars with him. With his knowledge and passion for European cars, Jason is definatly an asset to the EA team!


Kurt Smilovsky is a licensed automotive technician, who graduated from Centennial College in 2009. Prior to his professional involvement in the business, he grew up in the Engineered Automotive shop alongside his father, Billy and spent many weekends racing with his family. With a natural flair for creative problem solving and a passion for motorsport, Kurt is well known for his project cars; an example of which is the Shelby Cobra custom racecar seen at many EA Days. Kurt takes great pride and care in every project he completes, and his pursuit of perfection and quality suits the EA philosophy. Porsche is Kurt’s favourite brand of car to work on and to drive. In his spare time, he prepares his own E36 M3 racecar, and can be seen lapping Mosport at our track days. Though not currently competing, Kurt was invited to test for Formula BMW in Valencia, Spain.

Kurt Ward//

Kurt Ward is a new addition to the EA team.  He went to Indian River College in Florida and graduated from the Automotive Technition program in 2001.  In Florida, he worked for Extreme Cylinderheads and advanced himself to Head Port specialist. His passion for cars led him to persue his dream of owning his own automotive shop based in his native homeland Barbados.  His focus there was to build and tune Race/Rally cars as well as maintaining a full service Automotive shop. It was in Barbados where he met his soon to be wife who was there on vacation from Canada.  She moved to Barbados with him to help with the shop before convincing him to move back to Canada to start a family.  


Stephen Whitney heads up Engineered Automotive’s Body Shop. Steve has led the EA collision repair side of the business since its inception in 1985. Steve’s dedication to ensuring absolute perfection is stunning and shows in every vehicle that has come through the facility. Whether it’s collision repair, restoration or customization work, Stephen can take care of all of your needs.

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